Friday, October 26, 2012

Pandora's Box

One day I stumbled upon Pintrest and from moment one I was hooked. Here was a way to bookmark every inspiration I needed for things from clothing to DIY'in my life. The best part you ask?! There's no need to save millions of bookmarks onto Chrome that doesn't always send you straight to the item, article or photo you saved it for. Pintrest fixed all of that - you pin a photo and go to your page and VOILA! - it sends you straight to where you want to go. 

I call Pintrest Pandora's Box....its both euphoric and yet addicting to the point where I spend most of my day pinning a craft instead of executing it. BUT it also opened me up to this wonderful world of blogging....

So while I should be doing other things I'm going to enjoy the wide world of DIY'in!

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