Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I'm not sure why I posted a photo of the Lesser Mouse-Deer other than j'adore.  

So my life has taken a different road than I had expected when I started this blog. I had intended on blogging frequently about my many crafty endeavors. I have made some crafts but certainly not the way I wanted to. I'm still obsessed with Pintrest  and the whole DIY community (Uncovet and Etsy are fabulous!) My lack of posts rests with some unfortunate turn of events in my life (heinous arm surgery in Dec) that have actually led to greater things that I've put off but now am finding again (I once was lost but now am found) My TV Show Home Plate ; a cute childrens book that my cat Meowschwitz and her sister Blu helped me to realize (click on the links for their pages lol)
Theres also my french tumblr ; aboutME; my cookbook with a friend that through this process has become a best friend (check back - we'll have it updated with some exciting news)
Thats just to name a few....and I'm finally away from the area we lived in that was bringing me down! We're on our way back to LA

Monday, February 11, 2013


I've been so busy since I last posted. Its weird even writing when I don't have many readers lol. I've put my childrens book and cookbook on hold (and my DIY obsession for that matter) to focus on my show I've been working on for 3 years! It's called Home Plate....I'll leave some linky links so you can get the little ditty (parents were huge JCM fans)

I think the logo's pretty rad (yes I said rad) 

I'm in the process of making the sizzle reel for the show - pretty stoked to have Bobby Valentine
co-host the sizzle with me. Its been a passion of mine for so long that I can't help but share this information with people and hope they like the idea as much as I do! Sports and Food are two of my favorite things in the world (thats why I'm currently writing a cookbook!)

Best of all its charity driven - if I'm blessed with success I want to pay it forward! So please please please consider donating some money for the sizzle reel....any leftover funds will go to my pet charity (ASPCA - get it with whole PET reference)